| The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 2 – Part 10

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26 February 2021

The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 2 – Part 10

We are continuing in the epistle of Philippians.  In this series “The Epistle Of Joy Part 2” – We see Churches are filled with people from different races, cultures, and backgrounds.  We are to be an example to the world of the power of the new birth, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit.  What the world cannot do, the supernatural power of God can.

A sad thing happens when the church starts to live like the world.  Paul heard from prison that factions were developing in the Philippian church.  Here He writes to remind them of the Holy Spirit who lives in them and the fruit which He produces.

Part 10 –  “The popular notion is that maturity comes with age. Not true. You get old with age. Maturity comes with the acceptance of responsibility in every area of your life.” – Ed Cole –

Promotion in the Kingdom of God is from the Lord.  The Lord always puts the vessels where his gifts are through tests to prove their character in order to promote them.  There is not promotion with God without passing tests.  In other words, Timothy modeled for the Philippians the very life-style Paul advocated they assume.  Timothy’s commitment is not only to Christ and to the gospel, but also to Paul.