| Vessels Of Honor – This Dish Called Me – Part 1

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6 December 2022

Vessels Of Honor – This Dish Called Me – Part 1



Whether intrinsically ornate or as common as Earth and pottery, the vessel is not as important as its contents. From a gem encrusted amulet of water to a plastic Tupperware cup full of diamonds. What is inside determines the value. This is Vessels of Honor and we need to understand our contents. From Living water, to the fruit drink of highest quality. The Fruit of the Spirit. Or value has been determined by the One taking residence in this temple of flesh. Let’s take our eyes off the outside and look inward at the precious cargo we carry.


Part 1 – In this introduction to “This Dish Called Me” we take our eyes off of our outward appearance and look inward. Realizing that we were triple cursed and thrice redeemed! Filled with multiple in-fillings from heaven. We take a look at the living water that flows from the belly (or heart) of the believer.

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