| Vessels Of Honor – The Problem Is Not The Problem – Part 8

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29 October 2023

Vessels Of Honor – The Problem Is Not The Problem – Part 8


As believers we know from Scripture that we have been translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.  We know that the devil through the work of Christ has been disarmed.  So, what is the problem if the problem is not the problem?  There are a lot of directions we could go in Scripture on this, but we want to look at three areas.  Faith, wisdom, and obedience. 


Part 8 – Obedience is key to manifestation in our lives.  James 1:22 tells us that in order to walk in the blessings of God’s graces we must be a doer of the Word of God, one translation says it this way, “Obey the Word of God, don’t just merely listen to it or you will only be fooling yourself.”  The enemy loves it when believers take time to hear and study the Word of God but never apply it because the work of deception is taken care of for him.  From this verse it is reasonable to conclude that our problems will not leave if we do not obey.  This very truth is confirmed by Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27.


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