| Vessels Of Honor – The Problem Is Not The Problem – Part 10

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12 November 2023

Vessels Of Honor – The Problem Is Not The Problem – Part 10


As believers we know from Scripture that we have been translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.  We know that the devil through the work of Christ has been disarmed.  So, what is the problem if the problem is not the problem?  There are a lot of directions we could go in Scripture on this, but we want to look at three areas.  Faith, wisdom, and obedience. 


Part 10 – We see in James 1:25 several truths that are vital in order to walk in obedience.  One translation of this verse states, “He who looks seriously into the law of freedom and is faithful to it, who is not a heedless listener who forgets the message, but an active worker this person will be blessed as an obedient doer.”  The first truth we see is that we are to look intently or seriously into the Word of God.  The truth being conveyed is looking at something with careful examination.  Then we notice that we are to continue in the truth or walk in it daily.  Walking in truth helps prevent forgetfulness.  There is no blessing in spiritual idleness.


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