| Hear His Voice – Part 2

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5 November 2023

Hear His Voice – Part 2


Have you noticed though that we have a lot of voices in our lives that are competing with the voice of our Shepherd?  In this series we are going to discuss two phrases found in John chapter 10.  We are going to look at the “voice of our shepherd” and the “voice of strangers.”  As we learn to discern the Fathers voice from the strangers voice, we will properly prune our lives of overgrowth and become trees with leaves that do not wither and that bear fruit in every season of life.    

We will be addressing:

  • The voice of the Shepherd and the voice of strangers.

  • The voice of the soul and the flesh.

  • The voice of family.

  • The voice of this present world.

  • How to determine which voice to follow. Developing spiritual sensitivity. 


Part 2 – In this message Pastor Sean begins to share characteristics from John 10 that will help us identify and follow the voice of our Shepherd.  The Lords voice in our lives can be identified easily because it is the same voice that spoke to us when we were first born again.  The Lord always calls us by name, He is not some distant deity that does not care.  As we fellowship with the Lord in Scripture and prayer His voice becomes more and more distinct in our lives and He leads us into His will for our lives.   



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