| Vessels Of Honor – Stage. Set. – Part 1

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18 June 2023

Vessels Of Honor – Stage. Set. – Part 1


As in a play, or movie production there is a placement that is in the focus of the audience that creates the setting for what is to come. The scenery and properties are designed and arranged for a particular scene in a play. I want to show you some settings in the Word of God. Settings that allow for a greater understanding of God and His ways. Settings that are all too familiar to us. We will look into some of the scenery and properties that “set us” specifically by God in this “act” of our life. Join me as we encounter Ecclesiastes 1:3 “I set my mind to seek and explore wisdom concerning all that has been done under heaven.” Let us seek understanding in this first part of “Stage. Set.”


Part 1 – In this first installment of “Stage Set” we see seven settings of time in the Bible. These settings help create context when looking into the Word. They help in clarifying some of the “soundbites” that can be taken from the Word and misappropriated. These settings help explain the Bible and are not to find ways to disagree about it. We see the care of the Creator in these multiple settings and find ourselves involved in a similar journey. Join us in the beginning of “Stage Set.”


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