| Vessels Of Honor – A Disciplined Race – Part 5

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31 May 2022

Vessels Of Honor – A Disciplined Race – Part 5


Christian believers are tied in with the heroes of faith from the time of Abel through the prophets and kings to the closing of the Old Testament. Just as each one of the heroes discovered the grace of God in their failures and endured the chastening of the Lord, so also did the members of the church.


Every believer has a race to run in this life.  We are predestined in Christ to fulfill a specific purpose in the dispensation that we live in.  Hebrews 12 gives us insight into how we are to run our race.  In this series of teachings, we are going to look at these truths and how they apply to our lives today.


Part 5 – No discipline seems joyful at the time but rather painful, but when we allow the Lord’s discipline to train us it produces the peaceable fruit of righteousness in our lives here on earth.  The Lord disciplines every one of His children and His discipline is a sure sign of love for His children.  Embrace the training. 

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