| The Calm In The Midst Of The Storm

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16 June 2022

The Calm In The Midst Of The Storm


Our wonderful Father God has given us everything we need to stand against the storms of life! One of the main elements to our stability is the Truth of the Word of God as our firm foundation. We see in Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus using the analogy of two builders. Both heard the Word but only one remained strong in the storm. The builder that remained strong was the one who not only heard but then obeyed! We as disciples must honor the Word of God in our life by hearing on a consistent basis and then apply what we have heard and then hold fast to the infallible, never erroring, never failing, Truth – that is God’s Word. We can not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God, Matthew 4:4! This is our Calm in the Storm! 

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