| Leadership AKA Discipleship – Part 1

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7 April 2021

Leadership AKA Discipleship – Part 1

Leaders do not all carry special titles.  In this series of messages, Herb Fuerst will be taking us through the Scriptures sharing the principles of leadership that are found in the life of a disciple of the Lord Jesus. 

“The true aim of discipleship is not merely the transmission of information, but the transformation of character.”
-Tony Cooke

Part 1 – Disciples are those who:

  • Know what they believe and why they believe it.  They have a reasonable answer.

  • Preach the Word.  The Word is our belief system. 

  • Ready in season and out.

  • Give the Word of God as it is.  They call to account those around them.  

  • Love truth as it is, no itching ears.

  • Disciples do not waste time on myths and legends.  

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