| Which Way Lord? (Part 5)

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4 April 2018

Which Way Lord? (Part 5)



The Bible has many answers to many questions.  It is always exciting and enlightening when you find promises written in the Scripture that speak directly to the problems we are dealing with.  The reality is there are some issues in our lives that do not have a direct answer in the Bible.  For instance:


Who am I supposed to marry?  Now the Bible has general information to look for in a spouse, but it does not tell you their name and address.  Another issue might be, should I take this job or not?  Should we buy this house or not?  Should we buy this car or not?  What should my child be involved in and what shouldn’t they be?  Should I have the surgery or not?  Should I take the medication or not?  


There are many more questions that we could bring up here, but I think you get the direction that we are going.  God wants to lead His children in every decision they make, there are times when it can mean the difference between life and death.  The Lord did not leave us helpless when He returned to heaven, He sent us another helper, One just like Jesus to be with us forever.  In this series, we are going to learn how to hear and follow the Holy Spirit in our lives.  


In the church today there is a lot of emphasis on the gifts of the spirit and the offices of the Apostle and Prophet.  The Bible is very clear that these are right and they are for today, but if we are not careful with any truth we can take things too far and get into extremes.  The primary way that the Lord will lead His children is by the witness of the Holy Spirit on the inside of them, not by visions and prophecies.  So many people get into trouble in their lives trying to follow prophecies and trying to have visions and dreams, we must seek God and follow the inward witness and allow Him to decide if He wants to use the other gifts as He wills.  


Part 5 – In this message, we begin to look at the more spectacular leadings of the Lord.  While these are not the norm they are in the Scripture and as the Lord sees fit He will lead His children by these more demonstrative methods.