| Vessels Of Honor – Obedience Or Disobedience – Part 1

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13 August 2023

Vessels Of Honor – Obedience Or Disobedience – Part 1


Obedience and disobedience are a big deal with the Lord. But what is obedience and disobedience? Sometimes we need to go back and define words and decisions in our lives in order to gain clarity. We at times make such important decisions but need to reflect on them in order to see clearly. Mainly our decision to accept Christ as Lord and Savior needs to be inspected in order to move forward into victory. What we said and did in those initial moments with Christ have such an impact in our lives. If I’ve called him Lord of my life, am I than fulfilling it? In order to fulfill it we must understand what obedience and disobedience is?


Part 1 – As we pursue Christ in our life, we must continue in humility. Continual self-assessment needs to take place in order to stay in humility. We can do this by reminding ourselves of some of the questions that we answered when we came to Christ. Such as: Is He Lord? Is He Faithful? Is He Worthy? Is He Truth? Is He For Me? As we look into this, we will find out that we need to come to an agreement with what He said in order to obtain the relationship with Christ. After the initial agreement has been made, we then can through submission and obedience maintain the relationship!


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