| The Story Of The Glory – Pastor Tim Davidson

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19 March 2023

The Story Of The Glory – Pastor Tim Davidson



The Story Of The Glory – God has had a plan from before the foundation of the earth.  Before mankind was placed on the planet there was a mass rebellion in heaven led by lucifer and a 1/3 of the angels who had defected to him against the Lord.  Lucifer decided he should be God and that God should serve him.  Of course, he was defeated in heaven and then cast to the earth.  After this God created mankind in His image and likeness and clothed them in His glory.  In this message Pastor Tim Davidson explains why so many problems plague the human race ever since the Garden of Eden, and how Jesus has redeemed us and given us power and authority so we can walk in victory.  The Lord has chosen humanity as His vessel of glory in the earth!


Pastor Tim Davidson


Called to the Body of Christ as a Pastor and Teacher, Tim Davidson pioneered Word of Faith Church in Bismarck ND in 1980.  He served as its Lead Pastor for 35 years and now serves as Founding Pastor.  Pastor Tim has pioneered 6 churches in North Dakota and now serves as an instructor for Break Forth Bible Institute and as Regional Director for Rhema Ministerial Association International.  He has also authored 3 yearly devotion books that are used both here and overseas to help believers become “rooted and grounded” in their faith.


Contact Information – Pastor Tim Davidson:
Cell Phone: 701-226-7134
Email: davidson@cfaith.com
Facebook: Tim Davidson
Mail: 1503 East Divide Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501


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