| The Price He Paid – Part 2

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12 April 2020

The Price He Paid – Part 2

The story of Easter is filled with truths that will empower you to overcome in every area of your life.  Open your hearts to the Holy Spirit, grab your Bible and something to take notes with because God is going to speak to you.  I have never met a person with a heart of openness to the Lord who walked away disappointed.

God’s passion for humanity is proved in the price Jesus paid to redeem us!

Part 2 – Jesus prayed a powerful prayer for us in John 17.  From this prayer, we see the later revelation that Paul received concerning our identity in Christ.  As we wrap up this two-part series today we look into portions of Mark’s account of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  Jesus paid a terrible price for our redemption and it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will reveal His great passion and love for you through this message!