| The Paths Of Life – Part 1

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18 October 2022

The Paths Of Life – Part 1



Every believer’s most significant need is spiritual maturity.  Many times, as believers we do not realize the significant impact an unsanctified or carnal lifestyle is having on our life here on earth.  As Christians, we are called to live a sanctified life, a separated life or you might say a holy life.  There are many thoughts that go through people’s minds when you talk about a holy life, or a life set apart, but I want to look at the Scriptures to help us understand this better.


Our lives are full of different paths that we can take, for this reason we are going into a series called “The Paths Of Life.”  This series will contain 6 principles from Proverbs 3 that will give us wisdom to help us walk on the correct paths. 


We are going to look at:

  1. The importance of Knowing and Keeping God’s Word.

  2. The leading of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Humility and healing.

  4. Honoring God with your increase.

  5. Finding, gaining, and retaining God’s Wisdom – Part 1

  6. Finding, gaining, and retaining God’s Wisdom – Part 2


The Word of God speaks to all the major points of our lives.  If we are going to enjoy the outcomes that God has provided for us, we must learn and apply what His Word says.


Part 1 – Proverbs 3 verse 1 tells us two vital truths.  The first is that we are not to forget the Lords teachings and the second is that we are to keep those teachings.  Forgetting is not a random thing, it comes from a lack of attention on something.  God’s Word deserves our attention more than anything else in our lives.  Paying attention to the teachings of Scripture causes us to keep His commandments.  Keeping God’s teachings is done by building a blockade around our lives that does not allow the enemy to steal them from us, in turn then these commandments become a blockade to keep the enemy out.  Obedience to the Word can add years to your life and life to your years.

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