| The Epistle of Light and Love – Part 5

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11 October 2022

The Epistle of Light and Love – Part 5



The Epistle Of Light And Love – 1 John 1


Join us as we begin our new series in the epistle of 1 John.  There were two main concerns that John addressed.  The first was heretical teaching and the second was ethics or the proper conduct of the believer.  This series will be verse-by-verse teaching that will allow us to mine out the truths given to us by the Holy Spirit in this book.  We will see that these truths are still relevant and necessary today.  As we learn and apply God’s truth we will be empowered even greater to enjoy fellowship with the Father and with His son Jesus Christ.


Part 5 –  In this message we discuss 1 John 1:6. John by the Holy Spirit was dealing with the false doctrines of the Gnostics in his time. Gnostics did not believe the natural life was important at all, they believed the only important thing was the spirit.  From this passage we will see that when a person is born again it is important to line our lives up with who we are in the spirit through the renewal of our thinking and the sanctification of our bodies.  When we walk in darkness as a believer, we are lying or living a lie.  God desires us to live sin free because it allows the enemy access to our lives. 

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