| The Epistle Of Joy – Part 6

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14 October 2020

The Epistle Of Joy – Part 6

Philippians is known as the Epistle of Joy. Paul’s first encounter with the people of Philippi is found in Acts 16 where Paul received a vision of a gentleman from Macedonia asking him to come over there. Philippi was a chief city of Macedonia. It is referred to as a colony, a colony was a Roman city for their war veterans. The people of Philippi were not Jews but gentiles. The theme of Philippians is Joy in the midst of every situation. Paul suffered imprisonment, yet he had joy. This joy is above and beyond what the world can have or understand.

Part 6 – Do you know that part of being in Christ is being chained to things at times that are uncomfortable?  Paul was chained to a Roman guard in a Roman jail cell but he took this affliction and turned it into an opportunity to further the kingdom of God.  Paul through the power of the Holy Spirit turned the jail cell in Rome into a gospel chapel.    

  • Question? Who is having a greater influence in the situations you are chained to?  Are you influencing your situations and relationships with Christ in you, or are your situations and relationships influencing you?  We need to apply this truth to all areas of our lives, not just the areas where we are chained to unbelievers but also where we are chained to believers.
  • God is looking for leaders who are willing to suffer for the cause of Christ.  It emboldens the rest of the body.