| The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 3 – Part 5

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21 May 2021

The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 3 – Part 5

We are continuing in the epistle of Philippians.  In this series “The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 3” –


As we grow in the lord and become familiar with the does and don’ts of the Christian life, it is easy to get complacent.  We reason, “I know what the Scripture says, so why continue to study it?”  We go through the outward motions of church attendance and Christian service, often becoming overly busy with religious activities.  We think we have arrived.


Paul, in this stunning chapter, challenges us to “put no confidence” in accomplishments, reputation, and knowledge.  He states emphatically that all these are totally worthless compared to knowing Christ.


His advice to those who want to continue to grow is to keep doing what they did to get them that far: study the Word and immerse themselves in the thoughts of God.  This is God’s plan for seizing, possessing, and maintaining maturity. 


Part 5 – In this study, we cover verses 9, and 10.  We are righteous through faith in Christ alone.  The work that Jesus completed in His death, burial, and resurrection is a complete work, we cannot add anything to it.  Even when you sin you do not lose your righteousness, it affects your fellowship but it does not stop your righteousness.  We did nothing to earn our right standing other than placing our trust in Jesus Christ.  Finally, we look at the great importance of having knowledge of what Christ has done for us.  We will miss resurrection provision if our thinking is not right.