| The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 2 – Part 11

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5 March 2021

The Epistle Of Joy Chapter 2 – Part 11

We are continuing in the epistle of Philippians.  In this series “The Epistle Of Joy Part 2” – We see Churches are filled with people from different races, cultures, and backgrounds.  We are to be an example to the world of the power of the new birth, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit.  What the world cannot do, the supernatural power of God can.

A sad thing happens when the church starts to live like the world.  Paul heard from prison that factions were developing in the Philippian church.  Here He writes to remind them of the Holy Spirit who lives in them and the fruit which He produces.

Part 11 – In this message, we wrap up our series in Chapter 2 of Philippians.  Paul concludes the chapter by sharing the faith and struggles of Epaphroditus.  Disciples who serve the Lord faithfully should be esteemed but should also be aware that they do not burn themselves out.  

When we are born again, we receive a new nature with the ability to love and serve as the Lord Jesus.

However, it is left up to each of us, individually, to bring out that salvation and to show it before the world.  If we truly follow Christ’s example, we will serve others without grumbling or criticism, motivated by love. 

If we joyfully share the Lord’s humility in service, gladly giving our lives daily for those around us, we are sure to bring many to heaven with us and to receive our full reward.