| Success (Part 6)

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22 October 2018

Success (Part 6)


We hear a lot about success in today’s world, not only from the secular world but also from the church world.  Everybody wants to have success in their lives at some level, the definition of that success may vary but rarely do you find people who don’t want or like to succeed.  The Bible is full of different successes through the ages.  In this series of messages, we are going to look at several different accounts in Scripture where individuals and groups followed the Lord and achieved success.  These accounts were written for our example, as we follow the faith that others demonstrated we will see success in our lives as well.  All things are possible with God and all things are possible with the one who believes.  SUCCESS!   


Part 6 – James 3:2 in the BBE states, “If a man never makes a slip in his talk, then he is a complete man and able to keep all his body in control.”  Then we see in verse 4 that the Holy Spirit through James describes the tongue like a rudder on a ship.  We are to steer our lives through the words that we speak, the words we speak will have a faith or fear effect in every area of our lives.  Life is full of different kinds of winds, some winds are calm and peaceful and some are strong and driving but these winds do not have to determine the direction that you steer your life.  Determine to speak what God has said about you in His Word and then He will faithfully steer you through your entire life into eternity. 


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