| Soldier – Athlete – Farmer – Part 2

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23 December 2020

Soldier – Athlete – Farmer – Part 2

In our series, “Soldier – Athlete – Farmer,” Pastor Sean takes us through 2 Timothy 2:1-7 looking into the final epistle that Paul wrote before being martyred.  This letter was specifically written to Timothy Paul’s son in the faith and now Pastor of the church at Ephesus.  Paul shares 3 different professions that are designed to give Timothy understanding concerning his walk with God and his ministry.  From these examples, we will glean truth from the Lord for our lives today.  Knowledge from the Scriptures multiplies grace and peace in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  

2 Tim 2:7 Think over these things I am saying [understand them and grasp their application], for the Lord will grant you full insight and understanding in everything. AMP

Part 2 – This morning we discover the characteristics of a good soldier as they relate to a disciple of Jesus Christ.  The figure of the soldier suggests obedience to orders, rigid discipline, holding the body in subjection, and valor in defense of the truth. These things should characterize all of Christ’s servants. The path of devotion to Christ is not an easy way. It calls for steadfast endurance and abiding faith. These are soldier qualities every Christian needs in order that he may overcome in the warfare with iniquity (Ironside Commentaries).