| Seed Time and Harvest – Grow Up – Pastor Josh Meeks

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10 May 2023

Seed Time and Harvest – Grow Up – Pastor Josh Meeks


Seed Time and Harvest – Grow Up


As Spring is here, farmers are or already have taken assessment on what kind of harvest they want this year. This gives us a great example and opportunity to do the same in our lives. We need to do this continually, so we can reap great abundant harvests. Let’s look at some questions that go into this assessment:

  • What kind of harvest am I wanting?

  • What kind of seed do I need for that harvest?

  • What kind of soil does that seed need?

  • Does that soil need cultivated?

  • How do I water, fertilize, and protect that seed?

Answering these questions in our lives will help us sow, cultivate and reap better harvests. We will have a harvest either good or bad. Good harvests do not happen by accident. We must purpose ourselves to sow to the spirit and not the flesh. Thankfully, HE has given us his Word and Spirit to direct us on how to approach this biblical principle of seed time and harvest.



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