| Reverend Doug Jones – Part 2

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9 March 2022

Reverend Doug Jones – Part 2


Doug Jones has taught the Word of God in full-time ministry since 1975. Since entering into the ministry, he has served as an associate pastor and senior pastor. He has also served for nine years as the coordinator of Kenneth Hagin Ministries’ Healing School located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


He is currently an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center, teaching courses as ‘Spiritual Growth’, ‘Righteousness’, ‘Healing’ and ‘The Life of Honor’.


Doug is also an author and travels extensively throughout the United States ministering the Word of God. As a result of Doug’s years of experience, his teaching style and delivery brings a refreshing and unique simplicity to the truths within God’s Holy Word.


Sunday 10:30 am – Part 2 – In the first message Rev. Doug Jones brought forth the importance of thought and study concerning the truth’s that we hear from the Word of God.  In part 2 in this series Rev. Jones brings out another truth that is vital as a partner to our “think time” in the Word of God.  Humility is key to walking in the freedom Christ purchased for us on the cross.  As believers we are to reject or take off pride and put on or accept humility.  Humility brings greater grace, whereas pride always leads to destruction.

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