| Qualifications Of A Leader – Part 2

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17 February 2021

Qualifications Of A Leader – Part 2

Leaders require qualification.  Discipleship qualifies good leaders.  In this series, Rick Lavold will be taking us through what leaders should look like in the body of Christ.  Jesus said, “….for may are called but few are chosen” (Matt. 20:16).  Rick will discuss what it means to be “chosen” and the qualifications God is looking for. 

Part 2 – From sitting at the feet of Rabbi Jesus; “Rabbi’s thought study as the highest form of worship.  They point out that in prayer we speak to God but in study, God speaks to us.”  Christianity is defined as a person who submits to their Teacher and Master until they look just like Him.  This is a disciple, one who gives up their will for the will of another.