| Imagine That (Part 8 Spiritual Warfare)

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31 July 2016

Imagine That (Part 8 Spiritual Warfare)

Imagine That JPEGOne of the greatest examples of spiritual warfare in the Bible is recorded in Luke 4:1-13.  Here we have the account of Jesus being tempted by the devil in the wilderness.  In today’s message we take a look at what Jesus did to defeat the enemy and how we can do the same.  You will notice that Jesus did not ask God to do anything about the devil, He simply spoke the scripture to the enemy and defeated him.  Our day to day life should look a lot like this, we should be feeding on the promises of God and then speaking those promises when the enemy brings thoughts or works up circumstances that are contrary to the promises.  Imagine That Part 8 will teach you the importance of meditating the scriptures and what to do when you feel overwhelmed in your thoughts.

When we received Jesus as our Lord we were changed in our spirits but our mind and body remained the same.  As Christians we receive the nature of God in our heart, after this begins the process of transforming our minds.  Many believers are frustrated because they know they have experienced a change, but they can’t figure out the process of getting that change to work in their day to day life.  The “Imagine That” series of messages is a key to beginning that process.