| Imagine That (Part 3 Conformed vs. Transformed Mind)

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5 June 2016

Imagine That (Part 3 Conformed vs. Transformed Mind)

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Part 3 – In the book of Romans 12:2 the Apostle Paul gives us great insight from the Holy Spirit about our mind and the importance of renewing our thinking to the Word of God.  God’s Word is just like a set of architectural blue prints, as we look into the promises of God they give us the image of what we were created to be.  Applying these truths to our lives will bring both immediate and lasting change.  Start constructing today.

When we received Jesus as our Lord we were changed in our spirits but our mind and body remain the same.  A Christian possesses the resurrection power of Jesus Christ in their spirit when they are saved, but after this must begin the process of renewing the mind to what you now have in Christ.    Many believers are frustrated because they know they have experienced a change but they can’t figure out the process of getting that change to work in their day to day life, this series of messages will kick start that process in your life.