| Imagine That (Part 1 What is the Mind)

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22 May 2016

Imagine That (Part 1 What is the Mind)



As believers, God has designed that our minds be transformed by the Word of God.  When we were born again our spirits were changed, they went from a sinful nature to a righteous nature.  The Lord then tells us that we are to do something with our thinking and our bodies.  In this series, we are discussing what we need to do with our minds. 


Our lives are changed through the renewing of our minds not the removal of our minds.


Part 1 – In this message, we begin by defining what the mind is.  The soul is the dimension of man that deals with the mental realm. Man’s intellect.  The sensibilities and will.  The part that reasons and thinks.  Your mind is not your brain; your brain is the physical organ your mind thinks through. One of the reasons I know this is because you can take an x-ray of the brain and you do not see thoughts or words or images of what you are thinking you see a bunch of gray matter.