| Hear His Voice – Part 5

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3 December 2023

Hear His Voice – Part 5


Have you noticed though that we have a lot of voices in our lives that are competing with the voice of our Shepherd?  In this series we are going to discuss two phrases found in John chapter 10.  We are going to look at the “voice of our shepherd” and the “voice of strangers.”  As we learn to discern the Fathers voice from the strangers voice, we will properly prune our lives of overgrowth and become trees with leaves that do not wither and that bear fruit in every season of life.    

We will be addressing:

  • The voice of the Shepherd and the voice of strangers.

  • The voice of the soul and the flesh.

  • The voice of family.

  • The voice of this present world.

  • How to determine which voice to follow. Developing spiritual sensitivity. 


Part 5 – Did you know that zeal for God and His things can be a stranger voice in our lives.  Through the years I have seen and even participated in things that were Gospel centered that I was not supposed to.  Of course, there is not condemnation in this, but as we mature in or relationship with the Lord we must realize and seek His perfect will for our lives.  In this message we investigate Acts chapter 16 where the Holy Spirit forbid Paul and his team from preaching the gospel of Christ in Asia.  As you listen, the Lord will open your eyes to His wisdom and direction.     



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