| Free Will – Part 6

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25 March 2020

Free Will – Part 6

We have started a new series concerning the sovereignty of God. My purpose is to look to the Scriptures and allow them to shape this subject in our minds. The reason that I want to deal with this subject is that I often hear statements made about God (mostly in difficult situations) that do not paint a fair picture of His true character and often leave an impression in people’s minds that God is like the devil. As the Body of Christ, we have a responsibility to represent our Father correctly. In order to do this, our understanding must be formed about Him from His Words about Himself. No one can know God unless God reveals Himself through His Word and by His Spirit.

In this series, we are going to look through the Scriptures and identify the three main wills that are represented and have an effect on the earth.  These three wills are the will of God, the will of man and the will of satan.

God can be Sovereign without violating Man’s essential freedom. – Foundations Of Pentecostal Theology

Foreknowledge no more determines a man’s actions than after knowledge. – Dr. R.A. Torrey

Part 6 – In part 6 in the series we wrap up looking at Jacob and Esau.  We see that God in foreknowledge chose Jacob over Esau.  God did not foreordain their destinies but rather chose based on His omniscience.  God’s will is that all are saved.  God gives free will to man.  Then God deals with mankind according to how they choose, keeping in mind all the influences and experiences that have impacted their lives, with the purpose of redemption from the time that they are on the earth until death.