| FFC Women’s Bible Study – Sprinter 2020

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28 February 2020

FFC Women’s Bible Study – Sprinter 2020

In our women’s Bible Study we are taking this Sprinter (Spring and Winter) session to look into the Word of God in the area of healing. Along with the book, ‘Christ the Healer’ by FF Bosworth. We believe that through Jesus we have healing and that He has provided it for us to receive and walk-in!  

In this message entitled, ‘Attitude is Everything’, we look at two accounts in Matthew 9. The woman with the issue of blood and the two blind men who received their sight. Something I notice about these two accounts of healing is that these people had heard that this man Jesus was going about healing people and that which they heard sparked faith in them. Can you imagine the doubt, the physical weakness, the discouraging words, the fear that probably tried to speak to them? These people were determined! They heard about His goodness and determined that they would have a ‘No Quit’, ‘Press In’ attitude! It didn’t matter what it took they were focused and determined to receive from this Man Who was healing multitudes!

I am convinced that we have a responsibility to hear the Word of God and be determined to not let go of that promise until we see the manifestation of that promise. With an attitude that says, no matter what I feel, what I see in the natural, what the report is that is being told to me, what the people say around me or how long I’ve dealt with this, I am not going to quit and I will press in until I have my victory!