| Faith God’s Open Door – Part 4

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26 February 2023

Faith God’s Open Door – Part 4


“Unbelief says: Some other time, but not now; some other place, but not here; some other people, but not us. Faith says: Anything He did anywhere else He will do here; anything He did any other time He is willing to do now; anything He ever did for other people He is willing to do for us!” –  A. W. Tozer


I have had it on my heart for a while now to return to the subject of faith with the church.  Faith is a necessary topic whether you are recently born again or if you are a mature disciple of the Lord. 


One of the things that I noticed about Jesus in His earthly ministry is that He was always impressed with faith!  Faith pleases God! 


Faith opens the door to all of God’s graces.  Faith opens the door for heaven to manifest here on earth. 


If we are to succeed in growing up spiritually, walking out God’s individual and corporate plans for our lives we must have a faith that is continually maturing. 


God’s Kingdom does not operate the same as the worlds.  God’s design is seed, time, and harvest.  God’s design is one person plants, another waters, but God gives the increase.  Our thinking must be in line with God’s thinking, or we will miss 100-fold (complete) harvests.


You are invited to take a deep dive with us back into the subject of faith during this Sunday morning series.   


Part 4 – In this message we continue in our study concerning heart faith verses head faith.  Heart faith is not mental assent.  John Wesley said, “the devil has given the Church a substitute faith; one that looks and sounds so much like faith that few people can tell the difference.  This substitute he called, mental assent.  Many people read God’s Word and agree that it is true, but they are agreeing only with their minds.  And that is not what gets the job done.  It is heart faith that receives from God.  Thomas demonstrated head faith which the Lord called unbelief.


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