| Blood Covenant (Part 4)

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6 March 2019

Blood Covenant (Part 4)



The new is in the old concealed; the old is in the new revealed.”


A single scarlet thread runs through the entire Bible, weaving a beautiful garment of salvation from Genesis to Revelation.  This thread shows how the Old and New Testaments fit together to tell one complete story.  This sacred thread is the blood covenant Jesus made with God for you.  In this study, we will uncover the miraculous story of Jesus’ sacrifice, as it is powerfully and prophetically woven through the Scriptures beginning with the covenant rituals, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and the prophets.


This study is based on the book, “The Miracle Of The Scarlet Thread.”  In this study, you will gain an understanding of the seamless relationship between the Old and New Testaments.  This study will bring clarity to your relationship with God through Jesus Christ!  The loose ends will be tied up and faith will increase!


Part 4 – In this message, we begin to look at the Old Testament Tabernacle.  First, we look at the camp of Israel and the positioning of the tribes with their respective flags and their significance.  Second, we look at the coverings of the Tabernacle of the Lord.  The Tabernacle is a type and shadow of Jesus and the New Testament correlation is enlightening and inspiring.     


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