| Life In Christ (Part 1)

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3 December 2017

Life In Christ (Part 1)

Our first service in our new building!  God blessed us with a great facility and we took time not only to dedicate our building but our lives to Him as well. 

The Christian life is more than just going to heaven when you die.  Many times people give their heart to Jesus and think they are done, but the truth is God has a plan for your entire life here on earth.  In this series Pastor Sean shares his personal testimony and journey with the Lord and how this contributed to the vision and core values of Faith Family Church.  To have abundant “Life In Christ” we must give our lives to Jesus, grow spiritually, discover and develop our gifts to serve and then become Jesus witness in everything we do.  

Part 1 – Pastor Sean shares his testimony and how he came to discover “Life In Christ.”