Foundations Bible Study, Wednesdays 7 pm.  

In our Wednesday night Bible study we are focussing on the epistles, it will be a year of finding greater revelation of who we are in Christ!  Believers who have an understanding of their God-given identity live stable lives in the midst of an unstable world.  The power of the Christian life must be left in the realm of the Spirit and grace.  It cannot be reduced to a system of dos and don’ts but must be continued as a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

We are going to begin in what is called, “The Epistle Of Joy” or the book of Philippians.  

Writer:  The Apostle Paul

Time:  About 61 – 66 AD

Introduction:  Philippians is known as the Epistle of Joy.  Paul’s first encounter with the people of Philippi is found in Acts 16 where Paul received a vision of a gentleman from Macedonia asking him to come over there.  Philippi was a chief city of Macedonia.  It is referred to as a colony, a colony was a Roman city for their war veterans.  The people of Philippi were not Jews but gentiles.    

Theme:  Joy (chara) in the midst of every situation.  Paul suffered imprisonment, yet he had joy.  This joy is above and beyond what the world can have or understand.  

Join us Wednesday nights at 7 pm.  There is ministry for all ages.  We will begin with a time of corporate worship and then move into our various ministries for a time of discipleship.   


Faith Family Church

3608 Custer Ave. Billings, MT 59102


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